Our offerings

For a specific offer, please contact:

Aleš Maleňák
mob.: + 420 774 414 011

  • Adopt a barrel remotely

    We offer you an opportunity to become the owner of original wine that we produce, and a chance to participate directly in its production.

    Under the supervision of our experts, you can influence the final flavour of the wine according to your taste. This lets you create your own special blend. We will age the wine or blend that you choose in an oak barrel.

    With our guidance, the customer's preference determines how long the wine ages. Your wine barrel will be kept in our archive cellar No. 6 for the entire period to maturity.

    What’s in store for you?

    • 225 l of wine from our production
    • 225 l oak barrel
    • wine documentation
    • bottling
    • 300 bottles holding 0.75 l
    • 300 high-quality 100% cork stoppers

    • option to store bottled wine in our archival cellar No. 6
    • advice and continuous care for your wine
    • original wine that no one else has

    This whole wine adventure introduces you to the secrets of production and is yours for just CZK 105,000 excluding VAT.

  • Investment wines

    Our winery offers the unique opportunity to invest in the wine we produce.

    Those interested can choose from a rich archival selection dating as far back as the 1950s.

    Those who love both wine and precious stones can invest in Cuvée Divine.

    Every bottle of this special multi-year wine, mixed from the best Rhine Rieslings in our archive, contains a 0.25- to 3-carat cut diamond. We would be glad to provide you with more information.

  • Tasting events

    Upon request, we organize guided tastings of our wines, including the client’s choice of hors d’oeuvres.

    Tastings are held in exclusive areas of our cellar No. 6, or right at our vineyard in a stylish observation tower made of wood from venerable oak barrels. The observation tower is in the middle of our Novosady vineyard and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Buchlovské mountains and Pálavské peaks.

    Tastings are priced individually. Hors d’oeuvres are prepared by the Beta restaurant and guest house in Bzenec, which also offers accommodation.

    We hold guided tastings at our vineyard in Bzenec, but we can also organize them at your home or on the company’s premises.