About the winery

Our vineyard & production cellar

Our vineyard spreads across 10 hectares of land within sight of St. Florian chapel at the old castle above Bzenec.

The grapes come exclusively from our own production and are gathered by hand into small containers. Then they are quickly and gently processed in our production cellar. No yeast is added during the winemaking process.

This means that we work only with the yeasts that our grapes carry from the vineyard – this is only possible when grapes are of outstanding quality. After processing, the bottled wine is transferred to our archival cellar No. 6.

Vchod do sklepu číslo 6

Cellar No. 6

In cellar No. 6, our wines mature in the bottle for many years before they are sold. It is a unique cross-shaped cellar with hallways measuring more than 400 metres, and parts of it have more than 500 years of history.

The cellar is located in the historic centre of Bzenec and is a great attraction for wine lovers. It is the place where the history of Moravian wine played out. In these very cellars, the Czech Republic's first winemaking society was formed. The cellar was previously used for archiving local producers' wines.

An organic approach

An organic approachAll our grapes are grown organically, and no artificial chemicals are used to protect the vines or to produce the wine itself. In 2011, our winery received the right to use the exclusive BIO designation.